The Cube

The Cube by VELUX®:
An Interactive Experience

The past year brought not only a worldwide health crisis, but also a sense of isolation for so many. As we all begin to return to offices and a more regular pace, there are elements of daily life that can feel overwhelming.

VELUX knows how important the home has become - perhaps more than ever before - and set out to create a space that amplifies that feeling, with an artistic representation of what brings a sense of calm: daylight and fresh air.

Imagined as both a physical and digital experience, The Cube by VELUX is a refuge from the intensity of the world around us, offering sights and sounds that are known to foster a sense of calm and well-being.

The Cube by VELUX:
A physical experience

Designed by renowned Danish architecture firm Henning Larsen Architects with a soundtrack by Danish producer and musician Kasper Bjørke, The Cube acts as an oasis in the city, a place where you can unplug, unwind, and let the combination of daylight and fresh air put your mind at ease.

We wanted to create an experience that makes the visitor aware of the present. We amplify the experience of changing daylight and sky colours to give the visitor the feeling of slowing down and having a moment of calm.

Eva Ravnborg, Henning Larsen partner & Design Director.

On display at
London Design Festival 2021

Located at Observation Point along the South Bank in London, The Cube by VELUX was a part of London Design Festival as a special project.

Imagine enjoying a day in central London; you’ve been on the tube, walked amongst the crowds through Oxford Circus, and taking in the views of the River Thames at the South Bank. Your head is swimming with new sights, sounds, and smells.

What you need now is a moment. Just a moment; of calm, of quiet, of true leisure. That’s what The Cube by VELUX offers.

The Cube by VELUX was open from 18th - 26th September.

At Henning Larsen, we share a mutual interest and history with VELUX in that we work with daylight. From our starting point in Scandinavia, daylight is a resource that we work with very consciously. It is sometimes in abundance, sometimes scarce, but most of all it’s ever-changing! Getting an opportunity to collaborate on The Cube by VELUX has been a perfect opportunity to be playful with daylight and create a special experience for the visitor.

Eva Ravnborg, Henning Larsen partner & Design Director.

A soundtrack developed by musician Kasper Bjørke plays gently in the background transmitted via Bang & Olufsen speakers known for superior sound quality, recreating sounds such as birdsong, wind, and other outdoor sounds. A subtle breeze wafts through from the open roof windows. Taken together, these elements create a beautiful, calming experience regardless of the weather outside.

The Cube by VELUX:
A digital experience

Not everyone can travel to London, but everyone deserves an escape, even if only for a moment. That’s why we’ve made sure The Cube by VELUX can be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

The global experience design and innovation agency AKQA has created a realistic digital experience that allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of The Cube by VELUX.

Click to enter, and you’ll have the chance to explore the inside of The Cube by VELUX. It will be aligned with your local landscape, whether you live by the sea, mountains, or forest.

Discover the way the roof windows offer natural daylight. Listen to the tracks created by Danish producer and musician Kasper Bjørke and layer the sounds to create your ideal soundtrack.

From producing and DJing with ambient music, I discovered it can create an immensely ethereal atmosphere that allows listeners to transcend and connect with a different state of mind - even in a public space surrounded by others. I was conscious to not use anything in the composition that would disturb the mind. I hope people will feel the same sense of calm and tranquillity when listening to the music that I felt producing it.

Kasper Bjørke, musician & producer.

Now you don’t have to book a plane ticket to get away.

Are you ready for
your moment of calm?

The Cube by VELUX, in both its physical and digital iterations, is a retreat. It will remind you that a pause to reconnect with nature is just the recharge you need.

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The Cube by VELUX®
Experience a moment of calm amplified by
the feeling of daylight and natural sounds.

Special project of London Design Festival 2021